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Consent Release and Liability Waiver

I acknowledge that participation in dance classes entails inherent risks, and neither Leap2Dance LLC nor any instructor affiliated with it shall be held liable for any injuries sustained by students during these classes. By enrolling in classes, I consent to the use of images, photographs, or videos captured during classes or other activities for promotional purposes, including advertising.


It is my responsibility to stay informed of studio information by reviewing notices sent home with my child and/or posted within the studio premises and/or L2D website. I have reviewed and understand the policies outlined on the L2D website (, including those regarding tuition rates, automated payment procedures, refund and withdrawal protocols, late fees, class schedules, and other relevant policies.


Additionally, I acknowledge that in the event of a pandemic, emergency, or special occasions such as festivals or holidays necessitating the conversion of in-person classes to online sessions, L2D's withdrawal and refund policies will remain applicable.

Note: For students under the age of 18 Parent/ Guardian needs to supervise the student when they fill out this release form and Parent/ Guardian also needs to print their name and sign to complete it.

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